A Pop of (Pillow) Color

In case you were wondering, yes, the Master Bedroom Makeover is still in progress, HA! I take a very long time to commit to decisions on paint colors, fabric for curtains, wall hanging configurations… All these design elements can really change the look of a room, so I want to be sure they fit the overall vision of the space before signing on the dotted line.

So, how do end up making a decision? I usually click my way through Pinterest or wander the aisles of the local TJ Maxx and Marshall’s looking for that piece that strikes my fancy. Does it work? It never fails :).


These sweet golden yellow pillows were just itching to be in my cart the other day! They are just what I need to fulfill the need for a pop of color. See, we (mostly I) have this desire for our room to be a totally calming space, all neutral and soothing and aaahhhhhh. The problem? We’re not really “neutral” people! Thus the need for a little bit of color.


The pattern on the pillows is pretty cute, and I really like the white stitching. I would like to eventually switch over to white sheets (I am biding my time until the Hubbs hopefully hops on board!), and some of the other ideas I have for the room will mimic the stitching. After chatting with my mama the other day I am also fairly confident that we have a plan for curtains, too! See how helpful a coupl’a pillows can be? 🙂


I will keep you posted as I snail crawl my way towards some decisions, haha!

6 thoughts on “A Pop of (Pillow) Color

  1. I love TJ Max and Marshalls too. It is funny how you can start decorating a whole room with those two beautiful pillows! Love it Lauren.

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