Make It Monday: DIY Open Pantry

Don’t have a cutesie little cupboard to turn into an open pantry? No worries! This is still an option in your home. Read on to learn more!

Great to be back with you guys! Steve and I went away on an anniversary vacation this past week, and it was soooo great. SO great. I will post a couple pics soon!

We were working around the house on Sunday and ended up starting and finishing a project that I have been ITCHING to tackle! Not literally itching–that would be weird. We turned an old ironing board cupboard in our kitchen into an open pantry…


…and I am LOVING it!  It is so eye-catching, and I am so enjoying the depth (literally) that it adds to the kitchen. And who doesn’t love displaying oatmeal, pasta, and other such goodies in lovely blue mason jars? 😉

The cupboard originally had a door on it (can you see where the hinges were on the trim, haha?? not quite finished yet!) and housed a super great vintage wood ironing board. Don’t worry, we are keeping the ironing board–I will let you know what we do with it! Here is a sneak peek at what the cupboard looked like before…

IMG_9145Nevermind the mess on the floor–I decided to reorganize the kitchen while we were doing this, ha!

You can see a couple of the shelves (pre-stain) in the cupboard. The Hubbs cut some scrap pine down to size prior to staining so that we wouldn’t mess up the finish with any cutting or sanding. He cut six pieces to size while I painted the cupboard the same white as our kitchen cabinets, and then I stained the shelves the same color as our kitchen countertops.

After the paint was dry we went ahead and fit the shelves into the cupboard, starting at the bottom. We laid one shelf right at the bottom of the cupboard, as it really helps to anchor the space. I placed a tall bottle on that shelf before fitting the next one, as I wanted to be sure we could fit wine, olive oil, and whatever else there. After that we used a blue mason jar to give us the distance between the next couple shelves. We kept the space between the top two shelves thinner to add some visual interest. And then it was time to FILL THOSE SHELVES UP!

Found and Free1

A trio of oils, vintage S&P shakers, vanilla sugar and cocoa from Penzeys Spices, a white stoneware coffee cone from Sur La Table, and dry goods in jars are some of the little treasures found on these newly stained shelves. ::SIGH:: I am really digging all this natural goodness.

Here’s another look at the before and after of this little project…

Found and Free

Ok, so, before I mentioned that you could pursue a look like this even without an old ironing board cupboard ;). There are a few options…

You can hang some floating shelves on some open wall space in your kitchen…

Great way to store spices and grains in a small kitchen:  in matching containers on a shelf hung above your counter. This would work in an apartment where counterspace is at a premium.Source

You can bring in a bookshelf or something similar for a look like this one…


Or you could add a recessed cupboard/pantry between your wall studs…

This space is created by opening the space between the studs in the wall. Small, skinny spot, but look at all of the fabulous storage with small pantry items that take forever to find - a great idea to steal space and have a big impact. via Design Sponge. Id pick a dif door though..maybe paint it white or shade darker thn the wall

You can learn more about creating storage between studs HERE. In the meantime, I hope this fun project has inspired you to pursue some creative storage in your kitchen! Or bathroom… Or bedroom… Or anywhere else!

3 thoughts on “Make It Monday: DIY Open Pantry

  1. Looks wonderful!! I love open shelving, as you know; it gives another dimension to those traditional cabinets! And I especially love how you arranged the shelves!!! Such a great look in your kitchen!

  2. Hey Lauren, it’s Lauren… I think we think alike, Haha! I just posted my kitchen reveal today and my open spice rack made my “list” of favorite things. I love your new shelf, what a GREAT use of space! I have mostly open cabinets and an open panty and love how much bigger it can make our tiny kitchen seem. Great post! 🙂

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