Make It Monday: DIY Laundry Detergent

Happppppy Monday, Friends!

It has been a productive couple days around the cottage! The Hubbs and I have decided to be more purposeful and proactive with our meal planning (aka we are now planning meals, ha!), so we spent Saturday tackling that endeavor. We searched for recipes, grabbed our shopping list, and SHOPPED! We saved a ton of money by doing things this way, guys, and we are really excited to keep it up :). I will share more later about the handy spreadsheet Steve created–I just pick the meals, and it gives me my whole grocery list! Woohoo!

The push for meal planning falls within our greater desire to be more homemade, in all areas of our life. We committed a while ago that as our cleaning products, etc. begin to run out we will replace them with a homemade option. So, we added the ingredients for our new DIY laundry detergent to the shopping list!


Thanks to Yvonne over at StoneGable, we were able to DIY this detergent with ease! The StoneGable Laundry Soap is made from six easy-to-find-at-Meijer (or a similar store) ingredients. Shoot over to StoneGable for the full tutorial when you have a minute. For now, I can tell you that this was a SUPER simple DIY project, and the only thing that makes it take more than five minutes is grating the soap. Check out our pics below for a quick overview of the process!


And that’s all she wrote, folks! Have a totally beautiful day :).

7 thoughts on “Make It Monday: DIY Laundry Detergent

  1. This is awesome! I have been wanting to make some homemade laundry soap but was afraid it wouldn’t be good for “high-efficiency” machines. Looks like this one is though! Did you do a cost comparison? Would love to save a little money and be more environmentally friendly all at once! Nice work! 😉

    1. Hey Lauren! Yah, I was glad to see this is good for HE washers, too!

      As far as cost goes, it definitely depends on how often you do laundry/how much your laundry detergent costs. This recipe cost just over $30 and is supposed to last for a year! Steve and I don’t do a ton of laundry right now, so there probably won’t be a huge cost difference for us. Come time for kiddos, though, I will be happy that we are already in the habit of making this, as it will definitely be saving us money then!

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