Make It Monday: DIY Flower Arrangement

Who doesn’t love a good flower arrangement?

Can BouquetSource

ESPECIALLY ones with succulents in them…

Succulent BouquetProbably my favorite bouquet of all time! Source

GAH, just so gorgeous! While I love a great flower arrangement, I am not a huge fan of paying for them. We made fabric flowers for our wedding bouquets and boutonnieres so that we could save money and not totally decimate several plants for our wedding party, haha, but sometimes you just need the real thing! So, my solution is to make my own arrangements from plants right outside my door!




No succulents, as I don’t have those laying around ;).The only one of these plants that Steve and I planted ourselves are the dahlias–we are blessed that the previous owners kept a garden at one point, ad some of those plants have survived the years. The arrangements I put together contain the following flowers:

Dahlias (the bright yellow/red flowers)
Seedum (the reddish-purplish clusters)
Hydrangeas (the large light green clusters)
Mums (the smaller yellow flowers)
Russian Sage (the thin purple stalks)
Dried Coneflower (the dark brown/black heads)
Ornamental grass (the thin tan/brown stalks)

All of these flowers are really quite common, so it is likely that you have many of them in your own yard or growing nearby. When I am seeking out a good combination of flowers, I look for the followings things:

Different colors (with flowers, it is hard to go wrong with color combos!)
Different sizes (from tiny flowers on weeds to big hydrangeas)
Different shapes (big round bushy ones and tiny little star-shaped ones)
Different textures (soft, pokey, silky)
Different heights (I always like to have something that sort of pokes out the top)

And the vessel in which the flowers sit is also, of course, quite important! I am not a super big fan of plain glass vases, so I usually look for something different. In this case, I went with two blue mason jars (one Atlas and one Ball) and a large milk glass type vase.


Once I have everything I need, I just stuff stuff stuff it all in there! Well, ok, maybe there is a little method to the madness :). Start with your biggest flowers first, finding the right spots for them in your vessel. Continue from largest to smallest, and then stick in your thin stalks last. As long as everything is nice and full, you’re good to go!

I used these arrangements for a welcome reception at church, and now they are hanging out on the dining room table!


Aren’t they fun?! Gotta love the found and free things in life ;).

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