Kitchen Dreams

We all have them, right? Kitchen dreams. If you already have your dream kitchen–yay! That’s amazing, and I would love to see some pics ;).

If you’re like me, however, and are livin’ and cookin’ in a kitchen that just doesn’t feel like you, then you get the dream.

Now, I should definitely clarify that the kitchen in our home really is lovely and is very well done. The guy that lived in our house before us did the majority of the work himself, and he did such a great job. So our situation is definitely more of a style issue for me than a needs-some-TLC-’cause-it’s-nasty issue.

Annnd I should also share that Steve (my husband) would be totally happy to leave our kitchen as it is forever and ever, and would likely never tire of it. So because my kitchen dreams are mostly just MY dreams, we have been prioritizing other spaces and projects that benefit all of us, and I live vicariously through my Instagram feed and Pinterest boards.

I do have to say, though, that is probably of a benefit to everyone in our house that we take our time before jumping into projects, as I tend to change my mind sometimes quite often almost always when it comes to design decisions. I ponder and plan and design and then start all over.

BUT I have pondered and planned and started over on the kitchen enough times now, and I have the official plan on paper! So let’s check it out!

So that is our kitchen as it currently exists, and here is our kitchen as it exists in my daydreams.


All the heart eyes, my friends. I’m so excited to finally have a plan that I really love, and, more importantly, that Steve is into!!

Now this doesn’t mean we are going to jump into reno this winter, but it does mean that we can figure out a realistic budget for what it would actually cost! From most expensive to least expensive, here is a list of what we are looking at doing:

  • Appliances
  • Tiling (backsplash and island)
  • Pantry (Steve will build this)
  • Brick wall (we will probably do the inside of the laundry room at the same time)
  • Counters (super excited about this cheap project!)
  • Hardware
  • Vent hood
  • Open shelving
  • Painting those pesky laundry room door hinges 😉

So we will start with the hinges and go from there! I will share some inspiration as we go along, as there are definitely some drool-worthy kitchens that helped to lead me in the right direction with this design. And we will, of course, keep you updated on any projects!

I would love to know what you’re working on or dreaming about in your own spaces, so leave a comment a fill me in!

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Dreams

  1. Oh my goodness I can totally relate. My hubby would be a happy camper leaving ours as is, too!

    You have so many great ideas and I can’t wait to see what you tackle bit by bit.

    What are your countertops going to be that’s inexpensive?

    Looks awesome!

  2. Kitchen Dreams! Girl, you know I am there too! Little by little….so hard when you want it all done NOW!
    I love your plan, it’s beautiful! Curious what you would like to do with he counters and your inexpensive option. Also, are you painting or replacing cabinets?

    1. Thank you so much, friend! I LOVE what you are doing in your kitchen, and I was just thinking this morning I need to ask how your cabinets are holding up! We are hoping to paint, and I definitely want to get your thoughts!

      For the counters, we are going to try Giani Countertop Paint–it’s only $80 for the kit! I have seen some really great results from the research I have done, so I’m excited!

      1. Cabinets are holding up great! Lots of coats of primer and paint and sanding in between and the enamel finish paint we used from Benjamin Moore is paying off. Not much I would have done different at all!

  3. Down with the shiny brass hinges! Lol, nothing escapes your eye…as for the rest, wow wow wow. Heart eye emojii. Wow. Excited to see these changes begin to happen.

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