The Importance of Inspiration

What inspires you? What makes you smile? What makes you think deeply? What, for you, stirs up the emotions that cause you to question whether or not you are staying true to who you ARE, and, in turn, directs you back to the things that make you that person?

For me, it is many things.
Rain–warm, gentle, drench my spirit rain.
Strangers that smile at other strangers passing by.
Gusts of wind that wipe my spirit clean.
Being STILL–with God, with my husband, within myself.
People helping people, no matter the people.
Little things. Any little thing, whether it has a purpose or not.
The sea–oh, the sea–that makes me feel so very small.
Literature; the written word is an insanely beautiful outlet for emotion.
The quiet found only deep in the woods.
Dahlias and sunshine and abstract art and food (glorious food).
For me, it is many things.

I have found over my years (that is my attempt at sounding wise) that I need to surround myself with those inspiring things in order to keep my focus on God and to maintain my joy that comes from Him. Maybe that is part of the reason our house is full of so many little things, ha! Really, though, the Lord has shown me that I need tangible representations of the above things in order to keep my perspective in life. From that realization came my inspiration board.


I can’t even tell you long I have had this board. It has been filled and emptied and filled and emptied, and has always provided some sort of inspiration to me. Everything on this board has meaning, and, at the moment I “pinned” it, was something that was on my heart. (I just realized it is a bit like a Pinterest board–go figure :).) Some of the things–like the piece of homemade pink paper that I have carried since childhood–may not mean anything to anyone else, but that is what is so great about the way we are all made to find joy and inspiration in different things!

Here is a little tour of my board…

IMG_8938Dahlias and owls; a note from my pal; inspiring words; a little bird; patterns; armicitia–to bind by friendship
IMG_8939Stars; a sweet friend; my favorite painting; a letter I was given to read during my first trip to Romania; Namara
IMG_8941A sweet reminder gifted as a Valentine’s note from a loving and lovely friend
IMG_8942Namara Shakira is our friend that we met through Compassion–how we love her
IMG_8943An important reminder

So, again,what inspires you? How do you fulfill that yen for your personal form of creativity and art? I would love to know!

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Inspiration

  1. Before I answer your question, can I just get this of my chest:

    OHMYGOSH I WAS REFERENCED TO ON FOUNDANDFREE!!! But seriously it warms my heart that you kept that…

    Hmmm….I’m inspired by the beauty of creation, joyful people, and the way the sunlight streams through my living room windows. I’m inspired by those who are confident in their gifts, and use them to greater the kingdom of God. I’m inspired by the unconditional love shown to me by my family, my friends, and my Jesus.

    Also, I’m inspired by tasteful, well put-together blogs…and Lauren Doorlag. 🙂

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