Homemade Calzones

I. love. calzones. Seriously.

We have a favorite restaurant downtown that has AWESOME calzones, but the prices are a bit too high for us to enjoy them regularly. That is why I was oh so excited to find a recipe for homemade calzones!


Aren’t they huge?? The Hubbs and I made one last week, and then we made these two when we had friends over for dinner tonight. We probably didn’t need two, haha, but I am of the belief that more food is always better ;).

You can find the recipe for the calzones HERE. We followed the exact recipe the first time around, but this time we added a garlic butter “sauce” on top of the calzones. The Hubbs brushed the sauce on right when the calzones came out of the oven, and it really added some great flavor!


The awesome thing about this recipe is that it is SUPER simple. I mixed the dough as soon as I got home (it only took about 10 minutes), and then I let it rise while I picked up around the house. Then it is just rolling out the dough, filling it with yummy toppings, and braiding it to make it look all professional like, haha!



Pop it in the oven and 25 minutes later you’ve got yourself a pizzeria-worthy calzone! And don’t forget that garlic butter ;).

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