Happy New Year, Friends! I hope the first day of the New Year has been good to you :).

Guys, this has been a wonderful holiday season full of family and joy and truly merry times. The Hubbs and I relaxed as much as we could together, and I have been so blessed by that time.

As this New Year kicks off, I have SO. MANY. THINGS. in mind that I want to pursue, tackle, try, experience, etc. etc. ETC. So many things, in fact, that I am having trouble landing on any kind of resolutions, ha! I think the one thing I can say each year, though, is that I aspire to be better. Better at loving, better at persevering, better at being purposeful in each day–just better. Not for the sake of reaching some level of “goodness”, but for the sake of growth. I shall keep you guys updated on any said growth ;).

One quick house-related update is that we are working on our entryway redo! Ahhh, I am so excited! We are going from a walled-up closet to an open, cozy, bench-and-baskets nook!

Found and Free2

The Hubbs, quite literally, demolished the wall that enclosed the closet space while I was at work one day, and we have since framed it out and got the majority of the carpentry done. All the brown you see in the ‘During’ picture is now white, and we will be adding in some planking and detailing as we have time. Per usual, we will keep you updated!

I hope you have a truly special day today, and that you are filled with the excitement that comes with the start of something new. I would love to hear about any plans or resolutions you have for this New Year!

4 thoughts on “HAPPY (NEW) YEAR!

  1. Like you, I have so many things that need attention! But, instead of making resolutions this year I chose one word to be my guiding word. STRENGTH. Physical strength to continue to work on my house and projects and business. Emotional strength to carry me through the times ahead. And strength of character to allow me to move forward without hurting anyone and not compromising my own integrity. A strong word to support me. I wrote it on all my calendar headings already. Happy New Year!!

  2. It’s been so cool to see you take on project after project…..it makes me excited to have a house! You inspire me in so many ways…love you!

    Oh, and of course the entryway nook looks great.

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