Custom Light Fixture Goodness

Hello Lovelies!

I just realized I never posted about the custom light we made for the master bedroom! Silly me getting distracted  by our Cali vacation and all that ;).

There she blows! Isn’t it fun?? I gave the Hubbs a teensy tiny bit of vision, and he surprised me with this beauty! Thanks, Babe :).

Steve made the inner part of the light fixture from 1/2″ plywood, and the slats from some extra pine that we had laying around the house. I threw on a layer of our favorite Rust-Oleum Paprika Wood Stain, and finished it with one coat of Rust-Oleum’s Stain Polyurethane Varnish (both found at Lowe’s).

After that we drilled two holes in the top of the light fixture. One hole in the center where the hook goes, and one just off to the side from that where the cord goes through.

You can see below how the bottom of our vintage pulley (that I have been hoarding away for the perfect project!) fits right into the hook!   IMG_7125
We made sure to hang the light so that the pulley would cover up as much of the cord as possible, and then we strung the cord through the pulley like you would a rope.
And there you have it! We just love how it looks as the light of the day fades away…
Thanks for stopping by–be sure to keep us in the loop on your DIY projects! We just love to see what you’ve got goin’ on!  photo(2)

7 thoughts on “Custom Light Fixture Goodness

  1. Can I just say how excited we are to live by you?! You and your amazing hubby give us inspiration for our new house we will hopefully have soon!

  2. These type of custom designs looks far more better than readymade lights which are available in the market. Who knows, this idea will be stolen by some shops within a few days. 😉

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