Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Frieeeends! It is so lovely to be back here–writing, dreaming, scheming, and hanging out with you guys.

If you were around before, you can tell that the site has had a major revamp, and there are some new things going on. Feel free to take a little walk around and see what is new!

If you’re new to Found & Free, you should also take a walk around ;). As a little intro, my name is Lauren, I live in Michigan with my husband/two sons/dog (third son), I LOVE being outside, and I really enjoy interior design and DIY. I stay at home with our kids, so you’ll be seeing a lot of them!

I am still working out what my blogging/posting schedule is going to look like, but either way I am really excited. You can expect my usual ramblings, some design goodness, thoughts on what God is teaching me, family stuff, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I’ll share more about what we have been up to soon.

In the meantime, much love, and talk with you soon!

5 thoughts on “Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

  1. Lauren! Yay! So excited to see this and be going on this journey alongside you. The timing of seeing your site back up is an encouragement!

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