We’re Back with Some Oar Goodness!

How I have missed you friends! This past month was a very busy “season” for us, and it worked well to take a step back from all things internet for a little while :). I had originally planned to recap our California trip for the weeks after we arrived home, but, alas, our pictures are lost somewhere on our external hard drive ::pouting::. We still have hope, however, that we will be able to retrieve them!

We will now be returning to our regularly scheduled programming, and we are starting off with a new piece of oar decor here at the cottage!


See them above the doorway there? We found the pair of oars at a flea market up north, and I just love them. The owner carved the words ‘Tuck      Fife Lake’ onto both of them, and that bit of history is such a treat. We have been figuring out how and where we want to hang them, and voila! This is one of those weird decor decisions for me… The oars don’t totally suit the space right now, but they DO fit into the eventual design scheme for this space. So hopefully they will serve as an inspiration piece!

The Hubbs and I talked about how we wanted to get the oars up on the wall, and we ended up finding our solution at the Tractor Supply Company :).


What are these handy little brackets you ask? Well, I can inform you that I have absolutely no idea, HA! Steve made the educated guess of some kind of pipe bracket, but I’m not going to commit to anything here :).

The “brackets” each originally came with a bolt and wingnut, but Steve replaced those with a long screw and several washers. He used the stack of washers to create a barrier between the bracket and the wall so that the oars would be more suspended out from the wall.



I am not a huge fan of the very shiny silver finish of the brackets, so the plan is to refinish them once we get the rest of the room redo going. We aren’t tackling this room just yet, so I guess I will have to live with that glaring silver for now ;).

It is good to be back, and I hope you keep stopping by!

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