Autumnal Goodness

Oh Autumn… “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”–Emily Bronte

I simply adore Autumn. It is my most treasured season, and is, to me, by far the most beautiful.

I awake in the morning to a chilled nose that I bury down into my blankets, seeking the last moments of sleepy warmth. The jingle of a collar and the wet nose pushing into my hair coax me out of my cocoon, and I pad across chilled wood floors into the kitchen. We commence our morning routine as I let the pup outside and then stare out the window over the kitchen sink as I fill his water bowl. It is many the morning that I gaze out this window and find myself graced with the sight of a pair of does and their fawns. Today is no different, and I smile as a realize one of the young ones is a buck, his antlers just beginning to peak over his brow. Asher returns, and I go to dress.

The normal crunch of the gravel beneath my feet is deadened by the thick coat of pine needles that cover the whole of our property. I give a rueful grin before setting off on our walk as I realize I can’t even see the shingles of our roof beneath the thousands of pine droppings. We are alone in our adventure this morning, and the tapping of Asher’s nails against the street is one of the only sounds that reaches my ears. We often take to wandering the woods on our walks, but I have a specific path in mind this morning. Only a little ways from our house on the side of the road can be found a patch of gorgeous fungi (I am quite taken with organisms of the fungal variety, so forgive me if you do not sure my affinity for such things). Such beauty can be found there…


Isn’t it so lovely? Paper-thin folds, gentle curves, beautiful white skin… ::SIGH:: What beauty we simply pass by on a daily basis.

I kneel, and eventually lay, in the fallen leaves as I attempt to capture this little treasure with my lens. Eventually Asher grows impatient and we move on, leaving this autumnal fungus to its own peace and quiet.


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