A Quiet Corner


Do you have a space in your home where you like to just sit and veg and reflect? I just acquired mine, and I am quite happy to have it, so I very much hope you have one, too :). This corner is actually part of our living room and isn’t very secluded, but I […]


Found and Free2

Happy New Year, Friends! I hope the first day of the New Year has been good to you :). Guys, this has been a wonderful holiday season full of family and joy and truly merry times. The Hubbs and I relaxed as much as we could together, and I have been so blessed by that […]

Make It Monday: Bicycle Love


Guys… The Hubbs made the cutest manliest, ok, CUTEST little project you ever did see this week! Look at that sweet little bicycle! I just love it :). Steve had the day off of work on Friday, and constructing this wee bike is how he spent his free time. I just love that mind of […]

Scrapbooking, SMASHbooking


Hello Lovely Friends! Today I thought I would share a couple pics of the anniversary gift I made for Steve/us this year. I wanted to create a sort of scrapbook using our wedding photos, but I ran into a little problem… I am not much for scrapbooking! I love the idea behind it, but I […]

Another Anniversary

Ashey Bops

This month is the one year anniversary of our sweet little pup becoming part of our family… This is the photo of Asher that was with his adoption listing online… What a face! It is always hard to tell in photos, but he has GROWN since we got him! He is about 75 pounds now–and […]

Make It Monday: DIY Open Pantry

Found and Free1

Don’t have a cutesie little cupboard to turn into an open pantry? No worries! This is still an option in your home. Read on to learn more! Great to be back with you guys! Steve and I went away on an anniversary vacation this past week, and it was soooo great. SO great. I will […]

Autumnal Goodness


Oh Autumn… “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”–Emily Bronte I simply adore Autumn. It is my most treasured season, and is, to me, by far the most beautiful. I awake in the morning to a chilled nose that I bury down into my blankets, seeking the last moments of sleepy […]

Make It Monday: Cookie Cutter Cards


It’s been raining here for the past couple of days, guys, and I just love it. I saw this image on Pinterest yesterday… Source …and I said YUP, that’s me :). Anywhoooo, today’s project was inspired by a blog post that I saw somewhere a while back. This blogger used her cookie cutters to create different […]

A Pop of (Pillow) Color


In case you were wondering, yes, the Master Bedroom Makeover is still in progress, HA! I take a very long time to commit to decisions on paint colors, fabric for curtains, wall hanging configurations… All these design elements can really change the look of a room, so I want to be sure they fit the overall vision […]

Homemade Calzones


I. love. calzones. Seriously. We have a favorite restaurant downtown that has AWESOME calzones, but the prices are a bit too high for us to enjoy them regularly. That is why I was oh so excited to find a recipe for homemade calzones! Aren’t they huge?? The Hubbs and I made one last week, and then […]